Oh it’s Jewell Jones!

Oh it’s Jewell Jones!

Michigan recently elected the youngest state representative to date, 21-year-old Jewell Jones. This isn’t the first time Jones has made the headlines. Last year, at age 20, he was the youngest person to sit on the city council of his hometown of Inkster, MI.

Jewell Jones is currently a student at University of Michigan – Dearborn, double-majoring in Political Science and Business. He didn’t originally dream of being in politics, but, in his interview with The Detroit News, he said “There’s a lot of opportunity to do a lot of really great things, and you get to really dive into the community.”

For additional reading on Jones’ history with politics, check out the Michigan Journal.


This is a BIG DEAL for our generation. As college students, whether you’re a freshman or second semester senior, college culture has shown us that we need a top-notch GPA, years of experience, and a long list of technical skills before we can enter our desired job field. Jewell Jones hasn’t even graduated yet, and he’s already holding a major position in public office.

In a video by Mic., Jones is shown saying “Right now, especially, it is time for young people to get involved. It is time for us to get off the sidelines, because we are the next generation of change. We are the future.”

Jewell Jones shows us that we are never too young to chase after our passions and start making a difference. What’s holding YOU back from pursuing YOUR big dreams?

Photo: Living Civil