Remember my article about Starbucks? I mentioned that Airbnb’s Co-Founder and CEO was speaking out about Trump’s recent Executive Order.

Well now he’s speaking out again, this time with a Super Bowl commercial. Chesky tweeted this past Super Bowl Sunday, saying the following:


Brian Chesky and Airbnb knew what they stood for and were ready to take action. Just a week after the Immigration Ban and Chesky has launched a whole media campaign around the hashtag #weaccept. He’s also crafted a full action plan for his company to support all kinds of diversity. He says “Airbnb’s goal is to provide short term housing over the next five years for 100,000 people in need.”

This is so inspiring, isn’t it? WOW! Chesky knew what he wanted his company’s values to be based on, and when something came in opposition of that, he took a stand. What will you take a stand on?

Photo: Airbnb’s Twitter


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