This past weekend, James Corden hosted the 59th annual Grammy’s. Beyoncé left everyone in awe after she performed while pregnant with twins, but Adele still beat her out for Album of the Year. James tried to overshadow Ellen’s most retweeted picture ever with his own celeb-studded Carpool Karaoke. Can you guess who else was ever present at the Grammy’s? President Donald J. Trump.

While Trump was not physically in attendance, he was on everyone’s mind. Time Magazine listed the Grammys’ top political moments with big-name celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, A Tribe Called Quest, and Busta Rhymes who referred to the president as “President Agent Orange”.

This week, I want to highlight Trump in the media. In a time where everyone is talking about his policies and political decisions, I want to focus on the more light-hearted topic of how he’s portrayed in the media. We’ll see how Trump has made his Twitter quite the talking point, and we’ll look at how Saturday Night Live has used Trump’s polarizing persona to skyrocket their ratings.

(Cue Chris Harrison): It’s all coming up, this week on….Oh Kate!

Photo: Billboard


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