Did you see Saturday Night Live last night? Surprisingly, it wasn’t live. Rather, it was a re-run of Dave Chapelle’s episode. According to The Interior Bang, “at the time this episode ran, it was the highest rated episode of the season, and one of the best episodes in recent years.”

SNL decided they would “[take] the week off after last week’s epic ratings smash hosted by Alec Baldwin (who broke his own record with his 17th time at bat for SNL).” Alec Baldwin has his place at SNL sealed now that Trump is President. His impressions of Trump are spot on and are sure to keep the audience laughing.

For as much as SNL loves to write jokes at Trump’s expense, they have him to thank for their record ratings since the November election. Vulture reports that “SNL this season is drawing around 10.6 million viewers each week, its biggest tune-in at this point in a season since 1995.” Trump, even when he makes foolish tweets, or appears in numerous Grammy moments, can still generate hefty revenue for Saturday Night Live and Make America Laugh Again (TM by Kate Hauser, 2017).

Photo: Variety


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