A recent Huffington Post article sparked my interest with this opening line: “The five leading stars of CBS’s ‘The Big Bang Theory’ are apparently taking pay cuts so that two of their longtime castmates can get raises.”

The way this article frames their article, especially the title is intriguing.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Leads Taking Pay Cuts So Female Co-Stars Can Get Raises

Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch currently make 20 percent of what their co-stars do.

At first glance, this seems to be an article about Equal Pay, a hot topic lately. The write as if only the males are getting paid more, and they’re willing to take pay cuts so that their female co-stars can get paid more. But that isn’t the case. The “five leading stars” include two women.

The article also makes it seem like they would all be making the same amount per episode with this pay cut, but this is also not the case. But the famous five currently make $1 million per episode, and are willing to cut $100,000 off of that. The new deal with their female co-stars would only bring their total-per-episode to an estimated $450,000.

In a time where the issue of Equal Pay is being brought back to the surface, it’s not the time for articles from well-known news sites to be using clickbait. Interesting choice, Huff, but not today.

Photo: Huffington Post


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