My Facebook and Instagram blew up today with pictures of girls, women, mothers, friends, saying nothing but kind words of each other. It’s International Women’s Day, a day to show off the achievements, strength, and love of the women in our lives.

One school in Alexandria, VA, used today to launch their own form of protest instead. POLITICO reported that nearly 15,000 children did not go to school today because more than 300 staff members asked not to come to work. This protest was given the name “A Day Without Women” and was meant to show how different pieces of our days would be without women in the world.

The author of this piece raised three questions:

  1. “Are women really attempting to show their value in the workplace by refusing to work?”
  2. “What would happen if all women actually participated?”
  3. “What political remedy are they seeking?”

These are very poignant questions. I know that I am a woman, and there is some amount of bias that I cannot remove as I write this piece. But I also know that I could not get through my day without women. If my professors decided to participate in a protest like this, four of my five classes at A&M would have been cancelled.

Women are so integral to our daily lives, and that’s all this protest was getting at. The author of the POLITICO article did not hide her frustration with the actual removal of women from this Alexandria school…

The “Day Without A Women” organizers made a severe misstep by making children and working families, many of whom who can’t easily skip work or get babysitters, into collateral damage for their dead-end, self-soothing political agenda. School may not be in session in Alexandria, in Prince George’s County, in Chapel Hill, or in parts of Brooklyn, but there’s a lesson the nation can learn from these closures. The modern progressive movement doesn’t have any goals. Just feelings, which come before all else.

What would our days be like without women?

Photo: Facebook Newsroom


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