Oh it’s the Maroon Coats!

Oh it’s the Maroon Coats!

This week in College Station, the big hub-bub is the naming of the new Maroon Coats. On Sunday, April 9th, ten Aggie students had their official coating ceremony. It was also the 10th anniversary of the organization, and in celebration, all former Maroon Coats attended too.

A little bit about Maroon Coats…

As student ambassadors to the Texas A&M Foundation, Maroon Coats aim to increase the culture of philanthropy at Texas A&M University by thanking donors and educating their peers on the importance of outside support. The organization includes Texas A&M University student leaders involved in a range of activities and from various educational disciplines.

Since the organization started 10 years ago, more than 180 students have earned their Maroon Coats. What a wonderful organization, full of students who uphold the A&M core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and selfless service.

Photo: Texas A&M Today


Oh it’s computer hacking in Dallas!

Oh it’s computer hacking in Dallas!

It’s my last week of blogging. I know, I’m as sad as you are… I thought a great way to end my time here would be to feature the three cities of Texas that mean the most to me. Dallas, where I was raised, College Station, where I did most of my “growing up”, and San Antonio, where I will build my future.

So here we go, on to Dallas! My brother sent me this link (for background, he’s 15, a freshman in high school, and the cutest lil’ computer nerd) and at first I blew it off. But when I took a second look, it’s actually pretty funny.

This past Saturday, emergency sirens all across Dallas started blaring early in the morning. But was there intense weather? Nope, computer hackers.

Rocky Vaz, director of Dallas’ Office of Emergency Management, said that all 156 of the city’s sirens were activated more than a dozen times.

Officials don’t know who was responsible for the hacking, but Vaz said “with a good deal of confidence that this was someone outside our system” and in the Dallas area.

This is an unprecedented issue in Dallas. It’s a safe city, with no history of computer hacking that I know of. “Identifying who sounded the sirens will be like ‘finding a needle in a haystack.'” Mayor Mike Rawlings said. “This is yet another serious example of the need for us to upgrade and better safeguard our city’s technology infrastructure.”

Wired.com weighed in on the issue saying the same thing as Mayor Rawlings, that the hackers “managed to poignantly (if unintentionally) raise awareness about the threat of infrastructure insecurity.”

What a crazy story and isn’t it refreshing to read a story about hackers that DOESN’T. INVOLVE. RUSSIA?!

Photo: CBS Sacramento

Oh it’s Ring Day!

Oh it’s Ring Day!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Today, approximately 6,200 Aggies will receive their Aggie Ring, the outward symbol of their inward pride for the best university in the world.

I pestered Forrest to sit with me and talk a little bit about getting his ring. Albeit we were a bit nervous, neither of us are very good in front of cameras, but doing this piece vlog style helped expand my set of reporting skills. Hope you enjoy, please leave any comments or questions you have!

Video Link HERE.

Oh it’s almost Ring Day, and someone vandalizes the Ring Plaza?

Oh it’s almost Ring Day, and someone vandalizes the Ring Plaza?

September 16, 2016 was one of the most important days in my life. It was the day that solidified all of the hard work I’ve put in for the last three years. September 16 was the day I got my Aggie Ring.

For so many other Aggies, Ring Day is just as special to them. This Friday, April 7, three of my best friends will be getting their Rings too. Let me say, we’re all angry after learning about the recent graffiti incident.

Yesterday morning it was discovered that someone vandalized the concrete surrounding the Ring Statue at the Alumni Center Building. The graffiti says “Rape is inevitable may as well enjoy it – Clayton Williams.”

The KBTX article shed more insight on the story behind this quote:

Clayton Williams is a 1954 graduate of Texas A&M University. The graffiti is likely in reference to a comment Williams made when he ran for governor back in 1990.

According to a Texas Monthly article, during the campaign, Williams attempted to make light of a situation by comparing bad weather to rape, saying “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it”. Williams lead plummeted following the comment and he eventually went on to lose the race for governor of Texas.

Thankfully the graffiti was cleaned within a few hours, and the security tapes that show the individuals that made this graffiti have been handed to University Police.

Photo: KBTX