This week in College Station, the big hub-bub is the naming of the new Maroon Coats. On Sunday, April 9th, ten Aggie students had their official coating ceremony. It was also the 10th anniversary of the organization, and in celebration, all former Maroon Coats attended too.

A little bit about Maroon Coats…

As student ambassadors to the Texas A&M Foundation, Maroon Coats aim to increase the culture of philanthropy at Texas A&M University by thanking donors and educating their peers on the importance of outside support. The organization includes Texas A&M University student leaders involved in a range of activities and from various educational disciplines.

Since the organization started 10 years ago, more than 180 students have earned their Maroon Coats. What a wonderful organization, full of students who uphold the A&M core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and selfless service.

Photo: Texas A&M Today



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