Howdy! My name is Kate Hauser and I am a loud and proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’17. WHOOP!

In my graduating semester at A&M, I enrolled in COMM 250: New Media and the Independent Voice. Our professor, Wendi Bellar, focused on Political Blogging, and challenged us to become more interested and active in what is going on in our country by starting a blog.

Why a Current Events blog? Prof. Bellar encouraged us to pick a topic that we are passionate about and one that we can write about fairly often. Up until last semester, I was content with getting my news from Facebook alone, but this kept me out of touch with major events happening in our country. Through the combined efforts of my Persuasion professor that had us watch the Presidential Debates, and a friend that told me about The Skimm, I was hooked on learning about political events that every day.

Oh Kate is a blog dedicated to the students like me, the ones who may not be interested in politics but still want to be informed. I want to make current events interesting for everyone, and show how the hip-hop-happenings in our nation can be applicable to YOU.